The Long Now

by Grown Below

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All songs are written by Matthijs Vanstaen & Grown Below.
Tracks 4 & 7 are written and played by Lennart Vanstaen.
All lyrics are written by Lennart Vanstaen.
Artwork by Niels Geybels.
All instruments played by Grown Below, except the violin on track 3 co-written and played by Arconic (Aurore Picavet).
Additional vocals on tracks 3 & 6 co-written and sung by Arconic.
Recorded in august of 2010 by Joris De Caesstecker.
Mixed & mastered in april 2011 by Filip De Bot.
Produced by Grown Below.
Released 26/09/2011 by Slow Burn Records.
Distribution by Solitude Productions & Slow Burn Records.


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Grown Below's The Long Now is an alternate version of the end of the world sagas. For centuries people believed the world would come to an end someday. One of the most recurring dates is the twentyfirst of december two thousand and twelve. Grown Below interpreted this idea as the end of time, not the end of the world. They reconstructed a fictional journey into the last days on earth. In an early state, the album describes the awakening of menacing creatures (who are 'devoid of age') who had roamed on earth many centuries before mankind and are now stuck at the other side of time. At some point on the album, time stands still, resulting in the ability for these creatures to cross over the boundaries of time and crawl into our world. They feed on every living soul and while they bring chaos and panic, the absence of time creates an enormous rip in the middle of the earth, called 'The Abyss'. The protagonist decides to jump into this abyss, rather than being torn apart by these entities. He keeps falling downwards in dark matter called 'Nebula'. By jumping in this void, he locks himself up in his own non-temporal environment and brings all time to an end, including past and future. What remains is nothing, no time, no life, no creatures. He is in an eternal state of nothingness, called 'The Long Now'.


released September 26, 2011



all rights reserved


Grown Below Antwerpen, Belgium

Grown Below arose from the ashes of Timer in early 2011, continuing the path to the full album The Long Now with the same sound, but more evolved. Grown Below may be influenced by the usual suspects (Cult of Luna, Isis, Tool etc.) but they certainly go beyond being mere epigones. The band signed with Slow Burn Records in june 2011, who released The Long Now in the autumndays of september 2011. ... more

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Track Name: Trojan Horses (They Ride)
When night is falling
Then we are crawling
We are preoccupied
Indulge in moonlight

We feel
Daylight wants
To hurt
Tear us apart

We stumble through
And turn around
Crave in

I take your eyesight
Until I change once more
The other side of me
Can no longer stand this world

We crawl away
We waste away

Over skies wide
From inside
A cold wind
That makes us
Deaf and blind
Till we die
Every time

Come back night
Come back
Dimming lights
Are far away

In darker times
We find our pride
To stand aside
The horse we ride

Hear them call
We give them shiver
Our darkening ways
That brought together
That led us here

This is our kingdom
This is our space
We will be walking
Our nightly ways
Track Name: Devoid of Age
We are the ones who prevail
We are the once you should hail
We are all devoid of age
We aren't asleep nor awake

We have gone
To oblivion
We were once
Just like you

We are the ones who decide
Whether you live or will die
We part the good from the bad
We scatter hope into lies

We have gone
To oblivion
We were once
So alive

We speak on behalf of the earth

We are the ones who prevail
We are the once you should hail
We are all devoid of age
We aren't asleep nor awake

We were once
So alive
Track Name: The Abyss
I will not fall down
You will take my hand
We will not forget
The day we have met

If I should fall down
Lead me through your gate
I hope I will find
Your arms in the end

I will not allow
These dark hours
Taking you away
We'll survive this world
Our true homecoming
Your eyes see through me

No sir I won't run
But we'll watch upon
Our marked abyss
Every time it's true
Every time much ado (sic)
I won't let it take you

Seas will turn on us
The earth won't spare us
Mountains we must climb
To save ourselves in time

I won't fan the fire
I'm not disguising
I will not break
They say I will
I'm not

I won't fan the fire
Turning myself in
I will not break
The say I will
I'm not
Track Name: End of All Time
Heat fire blast
Cold air feeds
Water falls
Broke the earth

Did we
Lose her
Our world

She'll cross
Follow us there

Down here

For as long now
I take my hope and lock it away
In the long now
There I stay forever and wait

I'll follow the trojan horse
The path to inauguration
Don't follow the trojan horse
It is really infatuation
I'll follow the trojan horse
The path to inauguration

We're flying over the edge
In our dreams we long for hope
We're flying over the edge
In the end it's just a lie
In the end it's just a lie
The end of time
Track Name: The Long Now
I enter the cold era
Crawl deeper in time
Eliza you made me believe
Now I suffer from your beauty

Your words meant everything
But this ending proved you wrong
This valley of Hinnom
I follow yet I roam

When I think of you as the sun
It never is you it never is you
When I think of you from this point of view
It took away the sun it took away you
Some say it will return
One day they will learn

Calling for my saviour
I am sick of labour
Here comes tribulation
Here it blinds my vision
I was thought (sic) one lesson
I will not be messing
Around this orbit adhered
They all float down here

I wish it all away for you
I wish that I could stay for you
I wish that I could lay into
The words we all pray

Long distance stares
With frozen eyes
Lifeless I lie
Surrounded by fire
Cold air leaves my throat
Breathing my last vital breath

I will forever roam